15/02/15 -- Move It at Olympia 13 -15 February 2015

Wow what a fantastic weekend of dance at Move It 2015, and this had to be their best year yet.
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It was really good to see dancers of all shapes, sizes and abilities being given the opportunity to perform on the main stage. Disability, size and age were no barrier, young and old performed their routines with grace and elegance. With such a huge range of dance styles and performances, the crowds who watched the main stage and smaller showcase theatre were never disappointed.
All the time and effort the performers had spent practicing their routines really paid off, the costumes, choreography, and styles were just amazing. Even though there were celebrities everywhere, everyone was able to shine and light up the stage and show off their own talent.
Having a Press Pass gave me the opportunity to capture some amazing images which I intend to share with the dance schools and colleges taking part. I really enjoyed the experience, the atmosphere throughout was incredible, and I am so glad I was able to be part of it.
I really hope that everyone who took part, or attended the three day event achieves the success I believe they truly deserve.
Check out the Move It 2015 website here: Move It 2015

Thank you for supporting me

Thank you for supporting me
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