02/05/15 -- Cabaret Burlesque by the Burlesque Klub, Brighton Fringe 2015

Entertaining Evening with Cabaret Burlesque at The Brunswick
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Cabaret Burlesque
Valentina del Pearls and four other leading lights of French New Burlesque put on a remarkable revue at The Brunswick, Hove, bringing together glitter, glamour and humour. Le Burlesque Klub performed its retro brand of sexy and funny burlesque with plenty of sequins and laughter. The show was billed as a great alternative to the touristy Moulin Rouge and Lido, and the audience were not disappointed. Performing to a sold out event, Froufrou d’Absinthe, Gonzalo de la Verga, Kiki Beguin, Mrs Rose, Miss Glitter Painkiller and Valentina del Pearls all provided a fun and extremely entertaining evening. I am very grateful to Valentina and the other performers for letting me take photographs of the show

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Thank you for supporting me
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