15/09/15 -- Golden Handcuffs at The Grand

Sussex Crimestoppers “Golden Handcuffs” Business Networking Lunch at The Grand Hotel, Brighton
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The Brighton crime writer Peter James
This week I was very privileged to be invited to the Sussex Crimestoppers “Golden Handcuffs” Business Networking Lunch at The Grand Hotel, Brighton.
As well as meeting and chatting with the Brighton based Crime author Peter James who is one of the co-patrons of Crimestoppers, It was a really enjoyable way to spend lunch and I learnt so much about what this very important charity does. I did not realise that Crimestoppers is a totally independent charity that receives no statutory funding, and therefore is reliant on donations to continue providing its service. It is the only information reporting service where people can give information on crime totally anonymously. Although the vital information that they provide is passed on to the Police, they are in no way connected to the Police. All information collected is taken in such a way that it will never identify anything about the person giving the information. With Police budgets experiencing very heavy cuts, and a reduction in manpower the information that Crimestoppers provides has never been more important. It is operated through a volunteer committee of individuals who give their time for free. Over the years Sussex Crimestoppers has helped solve a number of crimes we were told to this day no one has ever been identified as the person who providing information to them. I think that everyone should help to contribute to this worthy cause as it really does help everyone of us.

Thank you for supporting me

Thank you for supporting me
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