08/10/15 -- Shoot LDN 2015

Shoot LDN – Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London
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Racing back to the 60's
Shoot LDN now in its second year is an excellent free photographic event for the serious photographer sponsored by Hasselblad, Broncolor, and some other high end photographic suppliers. It’s held at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London which is a fantastic location, and a great place to shoot, which I knew having previously shot there earlier in the year with Damien McGillicuddy.
There were a number of very informative seminars going on during the day, live demonstrations, and also the opportunity to get your hands on some very expensive high end kit. The two highlights for me were being able to take images of a very pretty young lady on a Vespa with a Hasselblad V System Film Camera with a digital back, and the seminar by Nicola Selby.
Using the Hasselblad V System camera took me back to my roots of using film cameras which I grew up with, and it was challenging at first to go back to setting the focus and exposure manually, and winding on the camera before you could take the shot. No high speed multiple shots, its single shots, and the noisy mechanical clunk as the shutter was released. This really slows you down and makes you think before you take the shoot, but having the digital back on the camera however meant that you could see the results instantly on a monitor.
The incredibly talented and successful Nicola Selby took us through a very inspirational seminar which included telling us her journey to becoming one of the top dance photographers, and how she got into dance photography, showing us some of her signature images, and the skill behind taking such powerful images. Later we were treated to a live demonstration, with the lovely ballerina Olivia, which proved that you can take some stunning action shots in a very small and confined space.
I even got to shoot a mock-up of the cover of Professional Photo magazine which was really fun, especially as we got to pose the model, and were given a print out of our chosen image on the cover

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Thank you for supporting me
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