04/10/15 -- Lily la Mer

Underwater Shoot Sunday with Lily la Mer
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Demelza Fox
I met Lily la Mer and her team of divers at a recent underwater shoot in Peterborough, which was a birthday present from my wife and family. This was my first underwater shoot, and definitely won’t be my last. The divers were incredible under the water, the costumes were amazing, and I can’t believe how they managed to pose, keep their eyes open and smile under the water long enough to give us time to capture some amazing images. During the two hour shoot I was fortunate to be able to photograph 6 different sets, with both male and female divers and even a couple of duos. It was definitely worth the long journey travelling to the shoot location. I found it quite challenging at first, but with patience, practice and timing I managed to capture some truly amazing images. I am so grateful that I was able to experience such a fantastic photographic opportunity, which I had wanted to do for a long time. For anyone that’s interested in taking part in a future event, details can be found at I recommend that you get your name down quick as they sell out fast.

Thank you for supporting me

Thank you for supporting me
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New website launched January 2015

New website launched
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